Wednesday, June 26, 2013

choose love

I know I have not been posting very much. Been too inconsistent, that would be my life, busy and inconsistent...busy is the one thing that will always be there.

And I pause to think about that. About the busyness of life.
I think about my recent trip to New York on a mission trip with the youth group. We went to the Ground Zero memorial and we had been walking so long and I was so tired that the enormity of it all may have slipped through my tired body.
But then as we walked to an open spot at the memorial to take the seemingly ritual photo, I saw it, our last name. The place we just happened to walk up to had the name of a person who shared our last name. And it sunk in a little more. But then I got home and looked up that name, and I read about this fireman's life, loves and family. I turned the corner and there was another who shared our last name.
It wasn't until today that I felt the pain for those lives lost like it was the day it happened.
And I thought about a friends post on her blog about her four children growing up so fast and I think about my four. Yes, time is going by way too fast.

We truly don't know the number of our days and our children really will be leaving the nest before we know it. I don't want to agree to that. I may be to tired or busy to reconcile and accept the fact that time and life are fleeting. But reality moves on without me because I am not the captain.

But the one thing I do have power love.
I can chose to love.
I can chose to forgive.
I can chose to be patient.
I can chose to let God be in control and not worry about tomorrow.
I can chose to be the kind of friend I want to have.

God help me to make the right choices and teach my children the same.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Little Angels by Roma Downey

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to preview this up and coming wonderful DVD series by Roma Downey (played Monica in Touched by an Angel t.v. series) called Little Angels!

The series covers not only learning academic basics but also biblical truths as well as facts
about animals and so much more! It is sure to please both child and parent!
Check out to see more for yourself!

I will be having a Giveaway of a few of these spectacular DVD's.
To be eligible, all I ask is that you check out the Little Angels link and let me know what you liked about it! Your name will go in the drawing that I will have on December 5th. I can even make sure you get it in time for Christmas!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Waking up early

There is something empowering about waking up before the sun. It makes you feel like you have won the race against the giant golden orb. Like you were there first. But there is also a stillness that is there...a quietness.

The days business has not begun and it doesn't have to. You almost don't want to move because once you know...'An object in motion stays in motion until it's met by an immovable bed!'

This morning I awoke and went for a brief walk with my eldest the predawn minutes. We came back and there was my next son. So we read our devotion together and prayed.

Waking up early is really not my thing...
But spending time with my oldest my thing.
I am glad I am not too old to change.

I hope you are not either.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Because you alone are a gift!

As a mother of four and caregiver to my Grandmother (which the responsibility is loving shared by my husband). As a runner of errands and all that comes with these responsibilities. I have been urged in different ways to take a moment.

I am taking a moment to find me. I want to find me before I realize late in life, that I am lost.

My mom raised 7 kids and as we all left and moved on in different directions in life, I am reminded of Charlotte, in Charlotte's Web...all her little spiderlings flew away and then...she...she wasted away to nothing.

Well, I am not saying that that is how my mother felt or that I am afraid of wasting away. But only that in the midst of the focus of raising kids and caring for others and your house...stop..and seek out your passion.

Don't wait for the right time or the right way or the enough money to afford. Make the way, make the time, be creative. Allow it to bubble up inside of you and get excited about it.

God gave you gifts...don't be afraid of them..they won't bite.

Don't compare your gifts...they are all unique...just as we are.

Praise others gifts and let them be an encouragement to you.

But for pete's sake....just begin..don't wait.

Because you matter.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Don't just go through it!

It all begins to sink in as the years pass by. Time really does fly... And if you have kids they are the mile markers of life's journey.

I remember growing up and I remember the ups and downs. I remember when my parents would have a tryst and mom said she needed a break and was gonna leave for a bit. I remember thinking...'take me with you'. I didn't have a bad life at all, don't get me wrong. It just had it's normal ups and down. I grew up the oldest of 6 brothers. I had more brothers but I did not see them but maybe once a year. So here I am living the dreams I had where I thought I saw my mom holding just one more baby in her arms, after she had told me very assuredly, that she was NOT having any more. I knew I saw a baby girl in someones arms...then I had that same dream..again. My mom told me it had to be me. As it turns out, it was. Here I am, my family complete, with three girls and one boy. I have found through the years that in some ways we parent the same as we were raised and shy away from other things. We allow things we were not allowed and restrict the new 'temptations' available to our youth these days.
I am eagerly trying to grab ahold of the ups and stay away from the downs. I don't want to just survive in life..I want to live it. And I want to teach my kids to live as well. And living begins with a decision. That decision is to be happy...and that begins by simply smiling and think of one thing to be happy about. I know what I am happy you!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ode to the garden that was not...

So..update on garden! Since there is a drought happening and super hot...for a really long time...AND I went back to work part time~ This year the garden has been a fail garden. 100+ days of 100+ heat and not having the extra time to care for it...yeah..sadness. My sweet husband though has prepared the garden and we have very large plots of raised beds and three compost piles. All we need is water and a little...yes little sun. We have not given up..we are just taking a reprieve. The picture was from a few months ago before we planted. This is maybe one quarter of the garden. I envision so much for this place...and it will be..someday...a fruitful garden.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Gardening?...gotta put on my green thumb first!

Well..I have always dreamed of having a garden. But just because it is something I have dreamed of doesn't mean I will turn into Martha Stewart! I know that I must first have a plan..a good one. I can't just say, well this is a good time to plant such and such...because I don't know yet what that 'such' is yet. I feel so green about gardening that I wish I could apply my 'greenness' to the process and have it work it's emerald magic!
My sweet dear husband has been doing his magic though. He has been getting the compost set up and helping me plot the garden. He has a compost book that I have dubbed his 'compost bible'. I have my books for me to build my knowledge on and fall back on. I just hope they are strong enough to support my ignorance!
I plan to post pictures of the should be a fun journey. It will hopefully also help me to stay encouraged and keep going.
So I will call #1 of my Garden Adventure! Join me in the ride!