Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Little Angels by Roma Downey

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to preview this up and coming wonderful DVD series by Roma Downey (played Monica in Touched by an Angel t.v. series) called Little Angels!

The series covers not only learning academic basics but also biblical truths as well as facts
about animals and so much more! It is sure to please both child and parent!
Check out to see more for yourself!

I will be having a Giveaway of a few of these spectacular DVD's.
To be eligible, all I ask is that you check out the Little Angels link and let me know what you liked about it! Your name will go in the drawing that I will have on December 5th. I can even make sure you get it in time for Christmas!


Michelle said...

This sure sounds neat!

I'll spread the word.

kellygirl said...

Thanks! I am really excited about it myself!

Tanya B said...

Kelly, I watched the preview and it looks cute. I love her soft soothing voice. Will she be narrating? Hard to tell what I like about it without seeing a sample episode. But I can tell you what I would let the kids watch. Biblical Truth that is not watered down and a show that does not have a lot of fast moving stuff and screen constantly changing. A Truth filled show that doesn't let ANY worldly views or sayings in...even the ones that we here so much at first we think it is innocuous but as the Spirit softens our hearts and graces us with wisdom, we become more sensitive to the world!

Just one humble opinion. When and where will it air?
Blessings Sister.
Tanya B

kellygirl said...

Tanya, thank you for your comment! I don't know that she would be narrating or not, but I do agree with you, her voice is very soothing.
But it won't be 'on air'. They will only be available on DVD.But I do have two that I will be giving away! One about animals and another about ABC's!
Thank you for your are now in the drawing to win one!
Blessings to you as well!